Masa lalu adalah kenangan~Masa datang adalah keinginan~Masa sekarang adalah kehidupan…yg dijalani.Semoga semua takkan hilang walaupun kenangan itu masih diratapi,keinginan itu masih berada dlm mimpi dan kehidupan itu masih tertatih dlm 1000 asa yg suram.Mencoba memahami hidup dan setiap rintihan tangis dan titisan peluh…Semoga Tuhan mempunyai jln terbaik


Friday, April 09, 2010

My Heart is Yellow

Quite a long time I did not update my blog.since I returned from Jakarta, I was too busy with office work. Exhausted while in Jakarta has not finished, the project’s office is waiting. Since I returned to work last Tuesday, I work till late night to finish the outstanding works. extremely of physically and mentally tiredness …..

Now we are busy with the project promotion of iphone. And, in this month we are too busy with the roadshow.I do not know when I can update about my trip to Jakarta the other day. But I've just started to edit the photos.

I'm committed to my work ... "but in my heart, there is still have a park'' ...and my heart is yellow”...and now I'm missing someone ... does he missing me too?

and while I m doing this intri, I heard a song ...shattered Dreams
suddently "syg" come into my mind…I thought it was you standing by my side ...... Dreams of growing old together, Shattered ... Shattered Dreams-Johnny Hates Jazz (HQ Audio)
Syg...My heart will remain yellow!

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