Masa lalu adalah kenangan~Masa datang adalah keinginan~Masa sekarang adalah kehidupan…yg dijalani.Semoga semua takkan hilang walaupun kenangan itu masih diratapi,keinginan itu masih berada dlm mimpi dan kehidupan itu masih tertatih dlm 1000 asa yg suram.Mencoba memahami hidup dan setiap rintihan tangis dan titisan peluh…Semoga Tuhan mempunyai jln terbaik


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ocean Seafood Kota Kinabalu

This picture taken during our dinner on 23.02.2010. It was a seafood dinner.
Ocean Seafood Restaurant is one of the largest seafood restaurants in Kota Kinabalu.
Located at waterfront area: Across the road from the Waterfront area, just a 5 minute walk from the Promenade Hotel.

Waterfront, it is popular amongst tourists and locals alike.The restaurant can cater for large groups,but even smaller groups would not feel out of place here…and don’t be surprise, …the price was very expensive.
They have tanks of live seafood from which you can choose and select what you want. customers are allowed to hand pick their seafood.So what you picked is what you are going to eat later.If you don't wish to do this,you can also order off the menu-they have set menus and a la carte and they have the manpower to deal with even larger groups,and the ambiance is quite good for formal occasions,and also suitable for a casual dinner with friends....and love one..!!!

These red colored tiger prawns price increase for every upsize: RM20 each for small, RM30 for medium and RM40 for large. Pricey? Oh yes, certainly. But do keep in mind that even the smallest prawns are at least twice the length of an average adult’s finger.
Huge mud crabs and sometimes they will grow up like coconuts size.
Huge lobsters. This is definitely too rich for my blood
See...i told you...very expensive... (~_~)
Everything was fresh and delicious...yummm!!!!
We enjoyed our dinner that night.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

1st Beach Cafe

Untuk suasana makan santai kali ini,saya bawa anda ke 1st Beach Cafe Tanjung aru,dimana salah satu tempat untuk menikmati matahari tebenam yang paling menakjubkan di Kota Kinabalu.1st beach ini terletak dihamparan pantai berpasir 7 kilometer lebar, memberikan para pengunjung suatu pemandangan laut yg indah dan yang unik untuk menghabiskan masa bersama keluarga dan teman-teman,juga kekasih anda...ooppsss
Sekitar 6pm di hampir setiap malam kita boleh melihat matahari terbenam dan sunset amazing view daripada al fresco,iaitu tempat duduk di bawah Restoran ini. Dimana anda boleh turun daripada tempat duduk anda dan terus kepasir pantai. Ini adalah tempat yang paling menarik untuk bersantai dimalam hari.Saya paling suka melihat matahari terbenam,dan pantai yang indah.Melihat matahari terbenam membawa ketenangan dan keindahan dalam hati saya.Seindah mentari senja.... (^_^)
Cuaca petang ni nampaknya cerah,angin sepoi2 dan pemandangan sunset petang ini menjadikan suasana begitu romantik sekali. Kebelakangan ini keadaan cuaca tak menantu.sekejap hujan & sekejap panas...tapi ptg ini cuaca amat baik sekali & amat sporting.... :) Amazing view....bertapa indah dan besarnya ciptaan Allah. ♥ ♥ ♥♥ i love this shot & the lovely sunset ♥ ♥ ♥♥
Tengah tengok menu....mau order makanan apa ya???.... banyak pilihan...perutpun terasa lapar,apa saja makanan dlm menu tu terasa sedap. Watering my mouth.Disini suasana makan santai dengan suasana pub dan live band.ianya menyajikan makanan barat seperti pizza, burger dan pelbagai masakan daging,juga kegemaran orang-orang Borneo seperti kari,mee dan,Hinava.Pilih punya pilih,ni makanan yg kami order at last, butter prawn milk, lamb chop, sirolin steak with black pepper sauce- minumam; banana rama , manggo mambo & watermellon jus.
Malam ni kami makan agak banyak,makan sambil mendengar persembahan nyanyian & dancing dari live band menjadikan suasana mlm ni semakin romantik bersama alunan lagu2 hip-hop,salsa...e.t.c.... (p/s: i am not a good blogger and not a best shooter...but i hope u enjoy reading my blog)

NewYork-NewYork (Kota Kinabalu)

This all American food restaurant called New York New York,located at 1Borneo Hypermall.
The food here is expensive but delicious.

That afternoon we walking around in 1Borneo,and at the corner we saw an exclusive restaurant and decide to get in to test the food there.
after looking at the menu,we decidec to order a whole chicken with black pepper sauce & potato...1 ekor ayam youuuuu....
and chicken chop with pineapple & potato .. and drinks root bear floats
We manage to finished all the food thats we order...yumm2!!! so delecious.
Price no matter,as long as we are satisfied with the food.
Just a simple blog about jalan2 cari makan....and if u happen to come at 1Borneo,don't forget to look for this restaurant....Best in town.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Kota Kinabalu Amazing View

I took this pictures from my office wihic is located at 4th & 5th floor,Warisan Square - sea view and beside the le Meridien hotel.

This is my office.The weather is so hot nowadays.
and this is my place of work,facing to the sea.We are practicing for open concept's office.You can sit anywhere u like.
The sea view from my office.Look's about 3.15pm...
at the front is the BED,which stands for Best Entertainment Destination, is one of Kota Kinabalu’s biggest club / pub / live entertainment venues, located in the Waterfront.
This is Filipino market-The market almost opposite the Le meridien Hotel and next to the Centre Point Shopping Complex on Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens is known as the Filipino Market, as most of the stalls are run by Filipino immigrants. A variety of Filipino and local handicrafts are sold in the hundreds of cramped stalls, along winding alleyways which are strung by low-slung curtains of shells, baskets and bags. The Filipino Market is a good place to buy cultured pearls (about RM5 each) and has everything from fake gemstones to camagong-wood salad bowls, fibre shirts and traditional Indonesian medicines.
and the Port View Seafood Village.
Fresh seafood with reasonable price by the sea in city centre.
Not only is all the seafood fresh but is cooked to my opinion a wonderful experience of different flavours.The seafood here can be chosen from a large room of tanks & there are a huge variety.
I took this picture from 4th floor of my office.
Now...can u see the two island ? that is the Memutik island and manukan island.
Mamutik Island is one of the islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. It is one of the good spots for swimming and diving. Basic facilities such as cafe, water supply, and toilet are available on the island.The smallest island that covers six hectares. Another peaceful island with a rich coral and marine life. If you are a novice diver, try to get your first diving lessons here and you will discover another world. At the north-eastern tip of Pulau Mamutik you can find the rare white distichopora lace coral. If you are not going only for quick diving and want stay overnight, you can get permission from the Sabah Park office in KK to camp there.
Manukan Island Resort is located just off the coast of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and provides an island getaway with luxurious accommodation options. A mere 10 minutes by boat from the city of Kota Kinabalu, Manukan island is the second largest island of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine National Park and provides an idyllic option for island accommodation in Malaysia.
is one of the most visited islands in the entire state. Also known as Pulau Manukan in Malay, this island resort attracts hundreds of island hoppers or beach goers daily.
and there is the Le meridien Hotel- Embrance the eclectic beauty of sabah whilst showcasing superb view of the city,south china sea and sunset.The hotel lies within easy walking distance of local attractions and retail and entertiment facilities.
(i took this picture from 5th floor of my office).Downtime-It's arainbow ......
Now it's about 6.00pm...watching sunset go down...amazing view an evening.
i capture this sunset from the waterfront,Kota Kinabalu City Waterfront will feature one of the longest city waterfront boardwalks in Asia and is poised to become the city’s prime tourist attraction.
Oregano cafe - one nice place to eat at waterfront.
yummm....and this is one nice food of course....


1 of my Orchids blooming.. actually this Orchid has been blooming I think 3 times since I bought it.Once you start to really look at an orchid you start to go a little crazy with awe and wonder. They captivate and enchant me to no end.
Very easy to take care.. don't need much water too.. as long as you don't put it under hot sun. I think this type of Orchids always been used on corsages right?? ^_^
But cannot tahan lah to see the other type of Orchid.. so beautiful!! That's why I bought them.. ;-p.. I love all long as they produced BIG flowers...

Ok.. Just a short blog about this orchid.... I don't know their names.I call that one a purple orchid

Thursday, February 18, 2010


This is all of my favourites Tatoo....awesome!!!!Nice to see...hard to hold...ermm

Nice Flower...
A lady with her wings...
An awesome Butterfly....
A nice flower....